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CityKids 2022


A Mural celebrating 2022 for CityKids Youth Soccer Program. 


Acryllic spray paint applied to 6ft wall in Studio 

stencil 4.jpeg


IMG_2986 1.png
IMG_5009 copy.jpeg
Box Black and white.png
coaches 1 1.png

A Short-Form Video story of the making of the piece. 

The Artist has tokenized this video for you in the form of an NFT using the Capsule App. 

A Capsule is a tokenized Version of the Artwork that the Artist is giving to you. Its a digital receipt of ownership.

Please ask the artist for more information on how you might use this now that you finally own something digital! 

The Capsule App is currently in closed Beta. Learn More. 

Capsule Badge.png


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