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Step in to my office...

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As soon as we cease from despairing and destructive thoughts the world will soften towards us, and is ready to help us. And that dispair is met with love...

As A Man Thinketh

5 Simple Steps

The Process of making a piece of work is a remarkably simple one. I'm convinced that this is one of the most accessible artistic mediums around. 

The only thing you need to prepare for and be ready to focus on is....Patience. 

After we get settled and you have chosen your music, we will begin the stencil process. 


While i am here in support, the greatest experience is found when you own the process and unlock that creative self we all have.


Make something meaningful for someone unforgettable.

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Prepare the Image

Once the image has been submitted, I will manipulate controls like exposure, contrast and Tint to create a version that is spray-stencil ready. 

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Timeframe: 2-4 Hours


Stencil the Image

Our first part of the session will be spent stencilling the projected image using fine-Point pens on to Poster board.


Cut the Stencils 

Finely cut around the stencil taking care to go slowly and smoothly


Spray the output Stencils

Don a mask and start shaking the cans. Apply the paint to the stencils taking care to use the right distance and paint density

Prepare the Final Work

The work is close to complete. I will package up all the materials and prepare your maker package for you to take title and get ready for delivery.

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