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Nike Jordan Dior

The Jordan 1 Retro High was released in June of 2020. There are currently 13,000 pairs in ciruclation, 5,000 of which were given to preferred Dior Clients at drop. You can read more about the origin story of the shoe here.

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Acryllic spray paint applied to a surf-board shaped cutting board. 22" X 28". 



January 2023

An old Friend 

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Origin Story

A good friend came in to possession of a pair of these at his sneaker store in boston called LTD.STK. 

I took pictures of the shoes and then created a hand-made spray stencil derivative work using Acrylic paints by Montana Gold. Black and water-based Paints by Pinty Plus. In addition i used several varnish products and airbrush painting tools for shadowing and shading. 

The project - from stencil to cut to paint - took me close to 2 weeks. 

A link to the original shoes and where they can be purchased (you'll need $5K + !) is below. 

This is the 4th piece in my sneaker series.
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$14,700  (Or Closest Offer)

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Image taken at LTD.STK store in boston. 2023

How it was made

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