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David, Amy, Mike, Kerri, Pauly Walnuts, Peter, Gemma, Stella and others welcome you. 

You will come and collaborate with me on a piece of work for someone meaningful in your life. You will make it with me in one session, i will video the experience and deliver the finished piece and 2 minute video story to you soon after. 

You then get to surprise that special person with the artwork and the video story. Just see how you change someones life for the better! Its amazing. 

No artistic talent required just good music, calm and patience. There is no cost to this - you can choose to donate whatever amount you wish at the end - thats it!

Due to the care and attention i take with each project, i have limited time and simply cannot meet the requests i receive to make an elephant. 

At the conclusion of your time, you are invited to donate and you may purchase various different outputs of the art you create from the store but this is entirely optional. ♥️

A class of 5th graders wanted to thank their teachers for 5 years of guidance and counsel - they made this elephant. 

The Maker Process

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